Minggu, 25 April 2010

Old city

Urbanization is movement of people from rural to urban areas with population growth equating to urban migration.

As more and more people leave villages and farms to live in cities, urban growth results.

The happen usually because urban area has a better job and career opportunity for people rather than in the village area.

However, there is still an old city that still occupied by people to live.

Age of these cities has reached thousands of years but until now ,people still there and it is growing cities. At first glance there is not much changed from this ancient city, do not expect to meet with the modern monument or tall building. Unique and interesting, it turns out this town still exist and flourish today.

Damascus, Syria

Damascus is the capital of Syria,it has a very old age approaching nearly almost 12,000 years. With that old ages, Damascus certainly has rich history. Damascus is now home to around four million people, where most live along the canal that was built around 3500 years ago. Since 1979, Damascus was included in UNESCO world heritage that must be maintained (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Jericho, West Bank

Age Jericho city is mentioned to be the oldest old city that still exist today, and it known as the World's oldest city. As recorded in Scripture, the walls of Jericho collapsed thousands of years ago, but until now we still can seen the remaining. The walls of Jericho collapse 9000 years ago. Archaeological excavations found traces of 11 000 years ago in the area (around the wall) once stood settlements. Jericho since hundreds hundred centuries ago has become a residential area and there and develop until now.

Susa, Iran

Iranian Persian or Middle Eastern country located in Southwest Asia. One of the legacies of ancient Mesopotamian civilization is very valuable to mankind is the collection known as the Codex Hammurab

i law. The law was shape in black stone and was found at Susa in 1901 on an expedition under the leadership of French archaeologists M de Morgan. At the top of the black stone, which are now at the Museum of Louvre, Paris, there are reliefs depicting King Hammurabi of ancient Babylonia (1728-1686 BC

) was receiving the punishment from the god Shamash, the sun god who is also the patron god of fairness.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria. Ancient city of Plovdiv was there since 8000 years ago. Now the city of Plovdiv is divided into two, old Plovdiv and modern Plovdiv. This ancient city with beautiful monuments preserve monuments that remain sustainable. In this ancient city of quiet, and hardly any cars, because all traffic diverted to the underground tunnels of the city. Plovdiv is the oldest city in Europe.

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is just the only is a place in the Middle East which is a holy for Islam, Christianity and Judaism all together. The city is said to have 5000 years .This City claimed as the capital of Israel, although not recognized internationally, as well as part of Palestinian cities. The fact that this city occupied by Israel. The elite of Israel considers this holy city is part of their country and has a form of ideology of "Zionism". According to the UN Jerusalem will become international city. The Palestinians consider Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine . historical city of Jerusalem is a world heritage protected by UNESCO since 1981. The city has a population of 724 000 inhabitants and area of 123 km2. Throughout its history, Jerusalem was destroyed twice, attacked 52 times and concurred 44 times.

Tyre, Lebanon

Tirus is a city in the of South of Lebanon. With a total population of 117 100 people, This city's name means " coral stone." Tyre is an ancient Phoenician city and the legendary birthplace of Europe and Elissa (Dido). Now this is the fourth largest city in Lebanon. In this city there is also one of the country's main port, known by local people in the French language as an Soûr. Tyre is a popular destination among tourists. The town has many ancient sites, including the Hippodrome (horse racing) Rome incorporated into the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979 (Resolution 459). The city is there to this day. The first was a powerful fortress city of islands in the middle of the sea .