Minggu, 25 April 2010

Small spaces

Today, it is common for people to live in small spaces. These peoples are force to do so, because the poplulation in the world is getting bigger and bigger every year. Therefore, it is difficult for all the people in the world to get an equal distribution of housing estate.

In Singapore and Japan, living in small spaces is common. This is because a lot of peoples living in the small island as such living in small spaces is common.

With limited accommodation options, those who cannot afford to buy a big house end up in one of the very small spaces .Thus, here is some of the picture that i find that a small place can be convinient as well.

However, some of these is still a luxary for some people. Those who cannot afford proper housing end up in one of the city’s many slums and squatter areas. This ussually happen in LDC country such as sri lanka , India , africa ,myanmar.

In Develop county, such as singapore, the housing arrange as a apartment or it called HDB. It is effecient though.we can find only a few homelesses in singapore .This is because HDB is cheap and affordable,moreover the goverment give a financial support to its people.

Maybe ,the world should follow singapore housing style. It gives everyone proper house eventhough its small.

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