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Extinct animal

Nowadays, lot peoples do not care abour it environment. They just destroy everythings to make a profit for their self. this selfish act has destroy a lot of animal habitat. Thus, lot of them extinct because of our selfishness.This is some of the animal which is extict but only a few of us know about it .
Dodo bird
Dodo, is the name of one bird species do not fly, that live on the island of Mauritius, with the features section, a big fat, short legs, and slow moving. Dodo measuring around 70-10 cm, and weighed about 20 kg. Alive by eating the fruits and seeds that fell on the ground. Dodo live in peace, with no natural predators on Mauritius. In the late 1500s period.
Portuguese sailors discovered the small island, and decided to stay there. Human existence, is the beginning of disaster for this poor creature. In addition , many adults kill Dodo bird ,also dodo eggs for survival in the island. Dodo, who had lived in peace, with no ability to defend themselves against humans. The situation worsened when humans began to include other animals, such as Horse, Sheep, Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Monkeys, and Rats (who certainly do not purposely take the boat) .they (especially pigs and monkeys) are often destroy eggs Dodo, Dodo numbers dropped dramatically as a result. Finally, in 1689, Dodo exrinct. Many disasters, which are all caused by human presence in Heaven Dodo, Mauritius, this species has been lost forever.

Quagga, is the name of one species of horse, which has a very unique style. Head up to the front part of the body, mottled pattern of black and white like a Zebra. Half-back body part is a brown horse pony skin. While all parts of the legs white. Quagga live on the savanna in South Africa. This species has long been known by the People, especially the natives of South Africa. during that time, they live in a safe state, because although it has many predators quagga their predators, but their proliferation is not meant to crash. But all that changed when European sailors began to arrive in South Africa (South Africa, is the most strategic port at the time, which is the best route for the resorts, in the long journey from Europe to Asia) The sailor had never seen a horse like this before species. Finally they caught up to be killed, and meat and hides yes
Tasmanian Tiger, is the name of one species of marsupials (mammals marsupial), the largest in the world. Shaped like a Dingo (Australian wild dogs), but behind becorak piebald like Tiger. Another name is the Tazmanian Tiger Tasmanian tiger, or the Tazmanian Wolf. Tasmanian tigers are carnivores that prey on the Kangaroo, Wallabi, and Emu (Bird bulky but flying weapons - such as the cassowary from papua) adult Thylacine, 100-180 cm long (tip of nose to tip of tail), height when standing in between 50-60 cm, weighing about 20-30 kg. Tasmanian tigers have actually lived in Australia, and Papua. It is known from the paintings on cave walls, painted by early humans. However, long before the arrival of European sailors, they were already extinct in both places. However, the Tasmanian tiger still survive on the island of Tazmania, a small island in southern Australia, before the arrival of modern humans from Europe brought disaster to me

Moa, the name of one bird species are not winged, and also one of the biggest bird that ever lived on Earth. The biggest moa was the Giant Moa (Dinornis robustus), which measures the body reaches a height of 3.6 meters, and weighs 300 kg. Moa entire body is covered with dark brown hair, Moa also has very strong legs that help him run faster, and also weapons in the face of predators. Moa are herbivores, they eat leaves, twigs, and fruits. moa Extinct, before the arrival of European sailors, they are extinct because of hunting by the Maori, New Zealand customs. Maori Moa hunting adult, and also eggs Moa, Moa polulasi yield decreased slowly, before finally completely extinct in the years around 1500an. "Aepyornis maximus:"

Aepyornis Maximus

Aepyornis Maximus, is the name for the largest birds that ever lived on this earth. Aepyornis maximus is a species of bird that can not fly, and is the heaviest birds that ever lived on Earth. The size of the body reaches a height of more than 3 meters, and weigh up to 500 kg. Maximus Aepyornis also very large egg size, length 34 cm, and its volume is 160 times that of chicken eggs. Aepyornis Maximus, also known as Bird aka Elephant Elephant Bird. And their habitats in the forest or open grassland in Madagascar. They are herbivores that eat fruits and tubers. Aepyornis Maximus, has a population of not much. This is because they have almost no potential predators that can prey on them. Therefore, just put a little Aepyornis Maximus. This then becomes a disaster, when European sailors docked in Madagascar, many of them do not kill Aepyo
Steller’s Sea Cow

Steller's sea cow, is a nice name for this kind of a mermaid who lives in the area of the Bering Sea, between Alaska and Siberia. Animals were first discovered in 1741, by a German explorer, who named Georg Steller. That's why dugongs (also known as sea cows - Sea Cow) Steller's sea cow named. Steller's sea cow is a kind of Dugongs largest known to man. With a body length reaches 8 meters, and weighs up to 4 tons. Steller's sea cow is even greater than Walrus Bull. With a big body, and most of the weight comes from fat (he had to survive in the cold Bering Sea), Steller's sea cow, unable to move fast. In addition, they do not have to hunt to survive. Because their diet is seaweed or marine algae. Once discovered by Georg Steller, humans began to hunt for the consumption of Steller's sea cow, this thing because ukura

There are more animal than extinct in this world rather in the picture , example Cave Lion,Great Aux,Aurochs,Caspian Tiger,Irish Deer and Dinosaurus.
therefore, hope that when this animal that have extinct ,it become a lesson that human much be more aware of surrounding and save all the animal that going to be extinct example oran utan.


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