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Amazing recycle

Recycling is one of the most successfully evolving procedures of environmental conservation. In fact, it is among the most talked about issue these days and the increasing number of people is participating in recycling waste in varied ways. this days People have realized the importance to save the environment and thus they are trying their ever best possible move to use the items that are waste for them now in alternative ways. Recyclable products like glass, rubber, paper and plastics are thus collected and then transported to the concerned facilities for converting them in finished products of alternative use.

Todays, with the availability of technology Tires can be shaped into something very beautiful and exquisite even though their looks are dark, dull and very boring course. This creativity that you will see will reduce westage in this word.As we know that rubber tires and other rubber products are often difficult to dispose. Further, this recycling procedures have been proposed to handle over waste of rubber in this words which can save our earth.

Mobile DJ designs speakers
Ollie Boyce tried to save the environment by turning used tires into custom speakers that can be used at home or in your car. With patent-pending design, Ollie convert used tires into extraordinary.

Earthship(The green house)

Architect Michael Reynolds, who is better known as the Warrior of garbage, requesting support for creative people and around 12 volunteers to set up an off-grid construction, near the Yellowstone River at Miles City, Montana. Green house, known as the Earthship is made of tires, bottles and beer cans pop.

Wellington designer Matt Hammond and his business partner Duncan Forbes has placed a statue outside the New World Chaffers innovative cycle, in Wellington. Urban statue, known as Bikerakk, made of rubber coated steel framework of the four recycled car tires.


Increasing shortage of Rubbersidewalks, sidewalk panels made from recycled tires, a new sidewalk here to save the environment. Known as "Terrewalks", a panel of rubber sidewalks made of recycled tires and plastic waste products 100%, and organic dyes and then printed and compression. Offering a concrete toughness, sidewalks also supports innovative penananman tree.

Recycled tire planter

Here's how to make use of discarded tyres to an artistic way which is more significant. Everything is ut done with cutting the tires.this not only recycling , but also acctually plant a three inside it. You can place it in your home, it is beautiful and most of all give us a fresh air.

RecycooolThis concept of furniture divert tires from landfills. This is a new inflatable furniture using old pneumatic tubes. Designed by Nir Ohayon, an Israeli designer led the style, comfort, not only innovative functional.

Recycled Tire Sculptures

Ji Yong-Ho, a Korean artist gave new life to old tires that are considered as garbage. With an intelligent mind and creativity, Yong Ho who has done a remarkable sculpture.

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