Jumat, 23 April 2010

place to cycle

Cycling is a popular alternative transportation today. In addition to creating a healthy body, cycling also not causing pollution such as vehicles.It reduces global warming and save the earth. Many people (especially in Jakarta), which began switching to ride a bicycle to work, school, etc.. So it's no wonder there is now a community bicycle riders, such as Bike to Work (B2K), who put a bike as primary transportation. Long before Jakarta, there are many other cities in the world to make the bike as transportation.
Well these some of the cities where the best place to cycling.

Until now,Amsterdam, still holds the title of bicycle capital of Europe (even the best in the world). Carrying 40% of traffic filled the bike back and forth. The city was successfully positioned itself as the friend of cyclists by promoting healthier living and more active lifestyle for its residents. Development of the bike path network created widespread, more secure, fast, comfortable, and providing road safety for cyclists. Bicycle theft prevention program is also designed with the increasing population of comparable bikes. Amsterdam also makes 10 000 bicycle parking at the train station.
Portland, Oregon, AS
Portland has bike paths throughout the city. The road network has proved successful to increase the use of bicycles. Portland has a strong biking culture. Programs are encouraged to provide a commuter bike for low-income workers, including security features such as lights, lock the bike, helmet, tire pump, tool kits, maps and rainwear. Growing network of bicycle routes 60-260 miles since 1990. The number of cyclists has also increased in the same period, without adding the incident involved an accident.

Copenhagen, Denmark
This city ranks sixth in the rankings with the best quality of city life in the world. Copenhagen has proved successful community bike programs. All Danes generally have a minimum of a bicycle, and Copenhagen in recent years also known as a city bike. Carrying 32 percent of workers use bicycles to work, and 50 percent of them use the bike a fair and not more quickly and easily. bike path has been extended and used correctly. This road is often separate from the main highway and also has his own light-up bag. Copenhagen also has a special area, Christiania, is completely free from the car. City provides public bicycles to pay a deposit of 20 kroner. The deposit is refunded to the tenant, if the bike had been returned to a bike rack rentals.

Boulder, Colorado, AS
Programs that promote safe cycling successfully developed the town of Boulder. This program called Safe Routes to School Boulder, which provides security and comfort for the children to wear bicycle to and from school. In addition, more than four thousand people berpartipasi in Boulder Bike to Work Day is held regularly.

Davis, California, AS
Small town 100 miles along the bike path. bicycle users reach 17% of the settler town of Davis. Local governments share the bike path map. Create a logo with a bicycle picture. This city will build a bicycle museum. The number of bicycles a lot more than cars.

We should practice like the country above which use bicycle as their transportation
it for the good course.it lessen the carbon emmission in the road and on earth. Less polution will be the result if all the world uses the cycle for their transport.

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