Rabu, 07 April 2010

Devil's Tower

The Tower of the Devil or also known as Devils Tower, is located in northeastern Wyoming in the United States. Even though its shape looks like rock craft or man-made but it isn't.The rock formed about 65 million years ago by volcanic activity, and is unusually shaped in the form of woman’s hips which was the result of erosion of the surrounding soft rock around a strong internal structure. Its height is over 1,266 ft which is pretty tall and its height is higher than the Empire State Building, which is approximately about 1,245 ft (without the spire).

Various legends are told about the origin of the tower. One story, common to the Kiowa, Arapaho, Crow, Cheyenne and Sioux tribes, concerns a group of little girls pursued by a giant bear. According to this legend, seven young Indian girls were one day playing in the forest. A great bear came upon them and gave chase. The girls fled swiftly through the trees but the bear slowly gained on them. Recognizing the hopelessness of their situation, the girls jumped upon a low rock and prayed loudly to the Great Spirit to save them. Immediately the small rock began to grow upwards, lifting the seven girls higher and higher into the sky. The angry bear jumped up against the sides of the growing tower and left deep claw marks, which may be seen to this day upon the rock walls

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