Selasa, 20 April 2010

Another 9 creation from recyling

This wooden rocking chair was the first design, it is so comfortable to sit. The sit has three basic positions as it is stop by rigging rope. Sit forward on the front stop, relax and rock away or as a lounger, put your feet up to sunbathe or watch the stars at night.

made up from screw and design comfortably to sit and made from 3.726screw.
Some restaurant has change its cutlary every 9 month.This giving the idea to mr goudlas to made a cutlary chair from cutleris that difficult to recycle.
Unwanted piece knife used as building blocks to create a piece that is truly unique functional furniture.
Designed by Alexander Reh, Fully Loaded chair made from the original rifle bullet. This chair is made of solid steel bullets shot 12-guage shotgun single. Steel framework and the bullet held together by welding.

Bughouse who developed this unique table records. This table is well suited for small spaces. It is very nice more simply throwing them in the trash.
made form spoild traffic light sign .

Limited edition piece made from precision milled blocks of recycled wine bottle corks.

These wall stickers shaped seat back to mark its place, then you can support you with a magazine or a newspaper, and gradually become Stack chair.

Made entirely of recycled road markers. This chair will look good if placed in the kitchen. Fully created, completed and sealed by hand. Designer: Boris Bally


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